Bmw 135 tips

The car is so easy to drive, so obedient, and coupled with cosmic acceleration, it’s just a fairy tale. As soon as I improve my financial situation, I will certainly return to her (she left me painfully strong impressions, and only positive ones, I turned a blind eye to all costs). Sold very well, for the same money as bought. The girls I rolled squealed, either with delight or fear, from this acceleration and sound.

Bmw 135 tips

Good day to all! I am writing a review for the first time, and I don’t have eloquence, so I ask you not to pour mud. Stumbled on a BMW 135i, phoned, met with the owner, he showed me everything, gave me a ride. P.S. Later, I entered almost all the turns sideways. And I will definitely take it on the mechanics, the machine does not allow the motor to be fully realized. Considered A5 3.2. And it also seemed to me that it would be brought in all the time, although some owners say that they solve this problem with a sandbag in
trunk. Before that, he had never owned or driven a car with such a power-to-weight ratio (before that there were Prior, Ford Focus 2.0, Avensis 2.4). No one has written about the 135th on this site yet, that’s why. After the sale of the last car, the budget was 1 million rubles, I wanted some sort of coupe, with an engine of 3 liters. In this mode, you can
cut patches, you can give a corner when entering a turn with one touch of the gas pedal. On the weekend, on the Moscow Ring Road, when the flow is not so dense, I maneuvered in the flow at phenomenal speeds, so that the passengers’ knees were shaking, I understand that you can’t do this, but I would look at those who would criticize it when you got behind the wheel this car and ended up there. I started to get used to it a little, as a result, sometimes I even began to lack power. And this sound, straight six, turbine squeal, mmm. When I was driving through the tunnel, people who were driving in neighboring cars, when I pressed on the gas, sometimes even opened the window and showed a thumbs up. And because I more or less understand the condition of the car (the car had its own paint, and this is an important factor, the box with the motor is in excellent condition) and I’m on the trail. bought it the day. Sale: It was October, and due to the instability of my financial situation, and the understanding that this car would be difficult to drive in winter, I sold it. 03/04/2013 Good day to all! I am writing a review for the first time, and I do not have eloquence, so I ask you not to pour mud. Fuel consumption: according to the on-board computer, my consumption was 14-15 liters (in whatever mode I drive), but it seems to me much more, because every day I refueled it for 1000-1200 rubles (refueled only with Shell 98 gasoline), this a trip to and from work, to work in a couple of places, and to the store. Operation: Basic equipment: climate, xenon, combined interior (fabric, with leather inserts), without camera and navigation. The first few days, I only sometimes pressed the trigger to the end, and then only on straight, free sections of the road. In general, all this cost me almost 50 tr. along with work. This is a lot, considering that on previous cars (which had 10-12 liters on the computer), I refueled an average of 500 rubles. in a day. Engine 3-liter with two turbines (N54) 306 hp in stock, but the previous owner chipanul it, eventually 380 hp and 550 nm torque. It is very expensive, but the pleasure is worth the money. A person, even a small stature, is enough for a maximum of an hour’s drive
behind. Diagnostics showed that it is still necessary to change the front brake discs and wishbones. You would be running like crazy too. After some time of operation, it is time to change the oil and pads (they wear out very quickly) drove to the service (a fairly well-known service specializing in German cars) changed consumables, at the same time made a diagnosis. I searched for a long time, if the car suited me, it did not fit into the budget, but my amount came across not in very good condition. There will be no detailed description, there will be only general impressions about the car. only owned it for 3 months. It is difficult to describe the delight from this acceleration and sound. She is very low. I think that in that car everything should be as simple as possible, because when you drive it, you forget about all the electronic gizmos inherent in cars with richer equipment, even music is not needed. There is no space at all in the back, although it is positioned as a 4-seater car. It happened several times when I cut donuts, in the parking lot of a hypermarket, the check light came on, and the engine started working as if a couple of cylinders were not working, I turned it off, and after a couple of minutes it started, and everything was fine, the reason was a low-quality chip. There is a DTC button, which, if pressed, will disable the traction control halfway, and if pressed and held for a while, completely disables all electronic nannies. Purchase: In general, I bought it last summer. The car is a provocateur, it is impossible to drive it calmly, it provokes all the time, it directly says "press the gas, press it!". On the roads, this car was practically not inferior to anyone in terms of acceleration, in traffic light races I drove around all the AMG Mercedes, M3 (E90), M5 (E60), X5M, X6M (the last two jumped at the beginning, due to all-wheel drive, but then, somewhere after 60 km / h, I easily overtook and overtook them) I raced with a 911 turbo, and a Nissan GTR, but I lost to them, both from the spot and from the spot. No one has written about the 135th on this site yet, so I decided to leave a small review. It accelerated to 250 km / h, then the electronic limiter worked.

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