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Top 10 tech events and conferences coming to Europe

Over two jam packed days of content, you can ask emerging thought leaders your questions. We have keynotes, panels and interactive roundtables addressing your questions, with actionable insights that can take your career to the next level. So, whether you are new to product-led growth or an established OG, our summit has something for you. See how the landscape of product-led growth is adjusting to the ever changing industry. Mar. 15-16—Network with the our rapidly growing community for product pros and growth gurus by joining us at the Product-Led Summit Austin. Feb. 15-16—Network with the our rapidly growing community for product pros and growth gurus by joining us at the Product-Led Summit Austin.

The event is for executives, technology professionals, members of the investment community, and members involved in managing different departments of an organization. BMC works with 86% of the Forbes Global 50 and customers and partners around the world to create their future. The conference includes top keynotes, over 200 sessions, and plenty of opportunities for networking with topics that span the Cloud, Dev, Internet of Things, Mobile, Security, Watson, and IBM Research. Microsoft Ignite, formally known as TechEd, has been around almost as long as Windows itself.

These items allow the website to remember choices you make and provide enhanced, more personal features. For example, a website may provide you with local weather reports or traffic news by storing data about your current location. Attend this one if… you could benefit from deep, customized learning from Dell Technologies experts.

The top technology conferences to attend in 2023

Black Hat provides the InfoSec community with the latest research, developments, and trends in cybersecurity. One of the most critical topics in tech today is cybersecurity, and one of the fastest ways to get information about emerging trends and technologies in cybersecurity is to attend a conference dedicated to it. Future of Education Technology Conference is geared toward those who work in a K–12 setting. Tailored tracks address topics relevant to administrators, information technology professionals, educators, library media specialists, and coaches. This collection of tech events and conferences is designed to help you better navigate the massive tech events space and find the ones that best fit your professional goals. Jun. 14-17—We act as a powerful global catalyst for digital transformation and startup growth.

  • How’d you like to hear marketing tips from folks who have worked for Proctor & Gamble, Microsoft, and PepsiCo?
  • With more than one thousand attendees and 70 speakers last year, conference-goers have a forum for learning concrete strategies for implementing technology to improve their restaurants.
  • Executives and leaders from PF Chang’s, CKE Restaurants, Fuku, Teriyaki Madness, Taziki’s Mediterranean Cafe, and other prominent franchises are speaking this year.
  • Attendees of the conference include security professionals, business leaders, and IT experts, who come together to learn about the latest trends and developments in enterprise security.
  • Known for offering an extensive overview of the international market, this six-day event typically attracts close to 240,000 visitors from more than 100 different countries.

When you’re not taking notes on new tactics to try in your restaurant, buddy up with someone at the Lone Star Bash and Texas Restaurant Awards Show and enjoy live music from a Texan artist. In-person conferences offer better chances of networking, but if you can’t make it to one or are more focused on the learning side of these events, virtual conferences are an effective way of keeping up-to-date with your business latest developments. This event is for CIOs looking to learn how to transform their businesses with Google Cloud. The attendees can connect with experts on the same subject to get inspired and expand their knowledge.

MIT Technology Review’s EmTech Digital conference focuses on the implementation and impact of artificial intelligence on business and society. It covers the practical, technical, and social applications of AI and features leading figures in the field. Microsoft Ignite is a developer and IT professional conference held annually by Microsoft.

SANS Institute Cybersecurity Training Event

The event is organized by The Linux Foundation in partnership with the Apache Cassandra Project and is sponsored by DataStax. The conference features keynotes, hands-on labs and training, sessions, and a popular hallway track, as well as experiential, interactive exhibits and entertainment breaks. The Cassandra Summit is a vendor-neutral event that provides a collaborative environment for showcasing how organizations are using Cassandra to drive innovation. The event will be presented as a hybrid event, allowing attendees to join in person or virtually. Registration will open in November, and scholarships are available for those who need financial assistance. Circle Converge is a conference for innovators looking to explore and build the future of Web3.

best IT Conferences

If you don’t want to miss out on this year’s best cybersecurity conferences, you better start planning your schedule early. To help you out, I created an overview of my personal top 10 favorite events on application security, cloud security, IoT, and all the other topics that are occupying the cybersecurity world in 2023. 2020 was a wash for many tech conferences, and events in 2021 have largely been online as the COVID-19 pandemic continues to wreak havoc with schedules around the world.

Viva Technology

Attendees can learn about the latest developments in microfabrication, MOEMS-MEMS, displays, and more. Register now to join the discussion and stay up-to-date on the latest advances in photonics technologies. The Gartner Security & Risk Management Summit is a cybersecurity conference that focuses on enterprise security solutions and risk management strategies. The conference takes place in different locations around the world each year, such as London, Dubai, and Singapore.

best IT Conferences

The festival’s purpose is to showcase how tech is transforming both business and society by driving important conversations around transformation, diversity, and innovation. This event is smaller in attendance than others on this list, but this reflects its quality over quantity ethos. It prides itself on gathering upper echelon representatives of some of the world’s leading fleet management companies.


Google plans many demonstrations, keynotes, boot camps, and sessions for CIOs, CEOs, and developers. You will find the most influential tech and business leaders worldwide at the Dublin Tech Summit Virtual. 5000 delegates, 80 speakers, and 50 partners will come together for just a day to share their knowledge, debate the latest trends, and network at the virtual event. Presented by the world’s leading research and advisory company, the Gartner Digital Workplace Summit will give attendees the chance to be the first to hear about emerging trends and the latest predictions surrounding the future of work. It also provides an action plan to build the digital workplace of tomorrow and offers real-world solutions for leaders to leverage these technologies in their organization.

best IT Conferences

No matter which one of these you choose, you are guaranteed to walk away with increased personal and professional growth. The Summit is focused on all things customer experience, offering actionable insights on how to best serve your customers, drive business growth, and increase customer loyalty. Attendees at the Adobe Summit will gain valuable ideas, tools, and techniques for making the most of Adobe Marketing Cloud. Thanks to this summit, you can learn how to bring all your content and data together in one place. Digital Workplace Experience is turning their usual three-day event into a series of free virtual events throughout the year. The focus of these events is on successful digital workplaces and how your company can become one.

How Employee Engagement and Career Development Can Help You Boost Retention

It will enable you to safeguard your organization, defend against your attackers and deliver business value. Feb. 6-10—Cisco Live is the place to be to meet, greet, Annual IT Conference learn, and share ways of solving some of the biggest challenges out there. Let’s get back together to build community, share experiences, and discover solutions.

As we edge toward 2022, many events that were canceled or held online-only are planning a big in-person comeback, including CES. Gitex is a once-in-a-year mega electronic event, electronic trade show, and conference. GITEX GLOBAL is one of the world’s most popular technology industry gatherings, bringing together thought leaders, creators, inventors, and makers to discuss, debate, and challenge new ideologies, present new products, and find future prospects. IT Arena is the largest tech event in Ukraine and Eastern Europe, providing productive networking, business matchmaking, and festival spirit. The three-day conference, conducted exclusively in English, brings together more than 2,000 entrepreneurs, investors, developers, business analysts, and designers every year. Tailored to decision-makers across all industries, EmTech Next is a three-day online event that will examine the impact and lessons learned over this past year as we continue to navigate through a forever-changed workforce.

MW Men’s Basketball Weekly Release – Jan. 30 – Mountain West Conference

MW Men’s Basketball Weekly Release – Jan. 30.

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The agenda itself is still under construction, but expect to hear from industry experts on whatever topics come up. The event will showcase all the latest innovation in education technology . Ever since students were forced to learn remotely during the pandemic, technology has become a hotter topic than ever in the sector. Pam works with sales and marketing to distil complex challenges into actionable tasks and provides easy-to-follow templates and solutions.

These items are used to deliver advertising that is more relevant to you and your interests. They may also be used to limit the number of times you see an advertisement and measure the effectiveness of advertising campaigns. Advertising networks usually place them with the website operator’s permission. Attend this one if… you want to stay up-to-date on the ever-changing world of cybersecurity.

This conference sees hotel owners from across the land gathering in sunny Texas for plentiful networking activities and talks from VIPs of the industry. Speakers of the 2022 edition included Jeff Weinstein (Editor-in-Chief for HOTELS Magazine) and Lawrence Cuculic (President & CEO for Best Western). The event’s main attraction are its talks and keynotes, but you can also expect workshops. Of the latter, the 2022 edition included “Learn to Manage Your Requirements Before Your Stakeholders Manage You” and “Proven Ways to Enhance Strategic Thinking in Yourself and Others”.

IT Vacancies

NodeJS Developer Salary Hourly&Monthly Rate 2022

Our development services help the healthcare industry by enhancing accessibility, productivity, portability, and scalability. On the other hand, coming to countries like Egypt, India and Brazil, these rates are well below $50k/yr, and in some cases even go below $10k/yr. As a company interested in hiring NodeJS developers, it is advisable to consider evaluating developers from different regions before making your choice. Salaries for experienced South African Node.js developers continue to rise generously.

Junior Node JS developer salary

In Egypt, a male nodejs developer will earn an average of 119,900 EGP, while a female nodejs developer will earn around 104,620 EGP. Whether you decide to pursue a master’s degree depends on many factors. If you are able to afford it, the numbers suggest that the return on investment is worth it and you could recover the costs in a few years from the salary increase you would receive.

Node.Js Developer salaries in the U.S., Payscale

People in top positions can easily get double or triple bonus rates than employees down the pyramid. Individuals working as Nodejs Developer in Czech Republic are likely to observe a salary increase of approximately 11% every 20 months. The national average annual increment for all professions combined is 8% granted to employees every 18 months.

  • It is the fastest framework that is used alongside NodeJS and also helps in the creation of server-side tools.
  • Although the world is ever-changing and often changing unpredictably, given the events of the past year, businesses need to keep moving forward.
  • JavaScript has long been a versatile programming language, hence why it’s one of the most popular, if not the most popular, languages in the world.
  • Add up the various benefits and be prepared to pay your Node.js engineer up to $119,624 a year.
  • If you’re interested in JavaScript, want to get into a specialized tech job, and are interested in full-stack work, it may be right for you.
  • We looked for programmers in the United States who use Node.js and have bachelor’s degrees, and we zeroed in on the 50th percentile.

Node.js is the most used developer framework in South Africa, so developers skilled in its use are in high demand. This means they have ample opportunities to switch jobs early in their careers, which also bring with them fresh salary negotiations that typically yield higher increases. It comes as no surprise that experience level plays a role in how much Node.js developers get paid. Juniors and those just starting out at entry-level can expect a base salary. The majority of professional Node.js developers have 3 to 9 years of professional experience.

Read about Work with NodeJS Developers

We offer a range of custom software development solutions for education companies of all sizes. We’re experts in Education Software Development and specialists in enhancing the learning experience across web, mobile, and conversational UI. ZipRecruiter lists an average yearly salary of $114k for remote work — surprisingly higher than the average Node.js developer.’s estimate is even higher at $135k/year, with experienced developers earning up to $145k/year and entry-level positions beginning at $88k/year. Selecting Node.js for your next project is a good way to ensure the high performance of the app and a positive end-user experience. To do this cost-efficiently, you will need to gain access to decent Node.js expertise.

Junior Node JS developer salary

I will now aggregate and reiterate the previously mentioned data to help you understand the reasons behind higher or lower costs to hire a Node.js developer team in various regions. For example, as Twitter, Spotify, Salesforce, and other companies decide to go full-flexible and cut on office spendings, they can pay the money saved to their now-remote workers. As you can see, on average, entry-level positions earn nearly half the salary of late-career specialists. As the demand for Node.js engineers greatly outweighs the supply, hiring them in the US might prove quite difficult. Remember that salary is not the only expense you will have to pay to hire a Node.js developer in-house.

SQL Developer

According to Glassdoor and Neuvo, the average salary in New York City for Node.js, ranges from $125,000 to $130,000. Salaries higher than the national average can also be found in Missouri, Massachusetts, Maryland, and Virginia. Node.js is an open-source and cross-platform JavaScript runtime environment.

Bear in mind real figures are probably higher than the estimates provided. Let’s explore salary ranges for the three main categories junior, mid, and senior. Entry-level backend developers in Austria positions start at around €36,000 per year (Glassdoor). Experienced senior backend developer positions earn upwards of €60,000 per year with bonus and equity options.


He’s a self-taught web developer, writer, creator, and a huge admirer of Free and Open Source Software (FOSS). Besides tech, he’s excited by science, philosophy, photography, arts, cats, and food. Learn more about him on his website, and connect with Salman on Twitter.

On average, you can expect to earn around 10% more when switching to a new company. The median and average salary are both indicators you can use to see if you are being paid fairly based on the overall population. When deciding to go with a team from a development agency, you get the best of both worlds and avoid all the pitfalls.

Salary comparison with similar jobs

By doing so, you avoid the hassle of recruitment, HR, and legal obligations. You just hire an engineer to do a certain job on time and pay them only when (and if) the job is done well. Naturally, middle engineers should also be caring tutors for junior specialists and dedicate effort to helping entry-level Node.js developers to progress. Instating a rewarding mentorship program can help form a productive long-term partnership within the team. At the same time, Indeed provides a much more detailed picture, with a backend developer salary reaching up to $119,583 annually. As an example, based on that same PayScale report, software engineers in the San Francisco Bay Area earn 30% more than the median pay across the country.

Junior Node JS developer salary

At the same time, the salary for IT specialists with Node.js skills in Copenhagen is $7 (DKK 44k). Thus, the average monthly salary for German developers is $4610 (€3770), while the average annual salary is $55k (€45k). Glassdoor reports that Ukrainian Node.js developers on average earn about $860 (₴24k) per month or $10k (₴288k) per year. Another source, Payscale, cites different figures, namely that the average salary for Node.js programmers in Ukraine is about $1075 (₴30k) per month.

IT Vacancies

Full Stack Developer Job Description, Skills, and Salary

Eagerness to keep up to date with new technologies and frameworks. Experience with role-based access control and Identity Access Management . Work with Stakeholders (designers, managers, etc.) to develop new and update existing web assets.

  • Top 5 front end developer interview questions with detailed tips for both hiring managers and candidates.
  • $61,000 to $200,000 per year, based on their skills, qualifications, experience, and location.
  • Many businesses have adopted remote working strategies as a result of Covid-19.
  • Though ideally, an application is developed for a computer screen size dimension, we also can’t lose mobile visitors.
  • And, developers working in high-cost-of-living areas like San Francisco or New York City will naturally command higher salaries.
  • Successful candidates will also have a good understanding of the employer’s business profile and will always pay attention to the company’s specific commercial requirements.

A clear and comprehensive full-stack developer job description helps you attract highly skilled engineers to your organization. From the user interface to storage management, a skilled full-stack developer can handle them all. Companies that wish to have developers who can help them in creating user-facing software solutions, adding new features, and fixing problems must hire the best full-stack developer. In this article, we help you build an in-depth full-stack developer job description template that will help you hire top professionals from across the world.

Software Developer – .Net

Nowadays, several companies offer many online programs that make you industry-ready. Recruiters look for candidates who have pursued certifications or programs or have internship experience. These requirements act as an added advantage for the selection criteria. Once the application is developed, it’s time to deploy it in the production environment.

This company provides a comprehensive suite of federal, state, local, and international tax services. Gaining the expertise and experience to become a qualified full stack developer takes time and dedication. Here is the list of requirements that help you to gain experience in full stack development space. During the onboarding process, the candidate will be introduced to the team, receive training on the company’s processes and systems, and begin their new role as a full-stack developer. Once the hiring process is complete, the hiring team will review all of the candidates and select the best fit for the role.

Deployment means making an application live on the internet for people to use. The testing process must be thoroughly done and involves various steps. For illustration, consider that you are a full-stack developer in a product-based company.

Related Job Titles for Full-Stack Developer

A Full Stack Developer must be able to code in multiple languages and have a strong understanding of how web applications work. Full Stack Developers are responsible for designing and developing websites and platforms. They work with design teams to ensure that user interactions on web pages are intuitive and engaging.

The Path To Becoming a Full-Stack Developer – Spiceworks News and Insights

The Path To Becoming a Full-Stack Developer.

Posted: Fri, 18 Nov 2022 08:00:00 GMT [source]

Fullstack developer provides input to the high level design recommendations; documents detailed application specifications; and participates in code reviews and testing. The most successful individuals tend to have creative minds, are able to work alone and in a group and will be open to new trends in web design that may come along. Working knowledge of database development and architecture including DML and DDL. Analyze business requirements and create detailed technical specifications from which applications/programs will be written. As a Full Stack Developer, you should be comfortable around both front-end and back-end coding languages, development frameworks, and third-party libraries.

Frequently asked questions

In this role, you will join a small team of developers supporting Navy application development. Joining our team, you will be assisting the Battlespace Awareness and Information domain, working with other developers to support frontline warfighters. A global tax services and technology firm is looking to expand their team by adding a Full Stack Developer .

fullstack developer job description

Entry-level occupations start at $92,623 per year while most experienced individuals get up to $145,000 per year. Experience developing a new architecture for and/or implementing a new architecture for a legacy system. Communicate system architecture to a diverse group of stakeholders.

Full Stack Developer job description

That said, there are commonalities between descriptions you can take advantage of. Here’s an example of a job description for a mid-level full-stack development role. Full-stack developers have the unique ability to build both the visual and server environments that define the internet as we know it. With an understanding of both front-end and back-end development, full-stack developers are able to work at every level of the website development process. Under this section, mention all the academic and professional qualifications that a candidate needs to have in order to apply for this role. You should list down all the mandatory technical skills required for this job.

And finally, on shortlisting, you’ve got to brush up on everything you have learned to clear the interview rounds. Here is a post that can help you with full-stack developer resume creation. You should learn all the aspects of full-stack development by building a project.

It is possible by designing responsive frontend layouts that automatically align themselves to changing screen sizes. Staying intact with the technology stack in the industry for future enhancement and development of the software. If you understand that frontend and backend are the things that you are mainly dealing with, get a better understanding of full-stack development with Scaler Academy. Scaler Academy provides a complete full-stack developer course that can take your journey in a tech career way too smoothly. Next is the required years of experience scaled to the seniority of the role. This requirement is communicated with either a range or minimum requirement.

Collaborate with graphic designers to develop functionality for websites. Assist with the installation, configuration, and testing of applications during deployments to pre-production and production environments. A Menlo Park startup that creates a rewards-as-a-service platform is looking for a Full Stack Software Engineer to join their rapidly growing team.

Top 5 full stack developer interview questions with detailed tips for both hiring managers and candidates. Full-stack developer is in high demand and agile in every field of technology and the job market due to their breadth and depth of expertise. According to Careerfoundry, there were around 13,000 open openings for full-stack developers in America alone as of December 2021.

Requirements & Skills 1

As a Full Stack Developer, you should be comfortable around both front-end and back-end coding languages, development frameworks and third-party libraries. We are looking for a Full Stack fullstack developer job Developer to produce scalable software solutions. You’ll be part of a cross-functional team that’s responsible for the full software development life cycle, from conception to deployment.

fullstack developer job description

• Work with the UX and front end team to ensure excellent client experience. Full Stack Developers can be hired in a variety of industries, from E-Commerce and tech companies to healthcare and gaming. Make the best technical hires from anywhere in the world with the Developer Skills Platform. Cloud computing is distributed computing in which data is stored, processed, and managed to utilize …

Their primary responsibilities include designing user interactions on websites, developing servers, and databases for website functionality, and coding for mobile platforms. Get to know about the duties, responsibilities, qualifications, and skills requirements of a full stack developer. Feel free to use our job description template to produce your own. We also provide you with information about the salary you can earn as a full stack developer. Full stack developers are the experts responsible for working on both the front-end and back-end development processes of online apps and websites. They design, build and maintain fully-developed and functional platforms with databases or servers.

What are the Educational Requirements For a Full-Stack Developer?

To be successful in this role, you should have experience with various programming languages and web development tools. As a recruiter, you need to acknowledge the fact that a full stack developer is responsible for the smooth functioning of websites and platforms. They need to collaborate and interact with different teams to get the desired outcomes.

Post this Full Stack Developer job description job ad to 18+ free job boards with one submission

Ability to complete software tasks within the sprint based on your estimates. Proficiency in React/Redux, Node.js; related JavaScript frameworks such as AngularJS desirable. Possess functional programming experience with languages such as Clojure, Haskell, Lisp, or similar. Growing your career as a Full Time Full-Stack Developer / Python / Senior is a terrific opportunity to develop exceptional skills. We are looking to hire a driven Full-Stack Developer / Python / Senior to join our awesome team at Motion Recruitment in Philadelphia, PA.

Job Descriptions, Interview Questions, Resume Tips

Entry-level occupations start at $70,592 per year, while most experienced professionals earn up to $120,833 per year. The average full-stack developer pay in the United Kingdom is £50,000 per year or £25.64 per hour. Entry-level occupations start at £40,000 per year while most experienced professionals get up to £70,000 per year. The average full-stack developer pay in the USA is $110,182 per year or $56.50 per hour.