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However, outsourcing the project to offshore development, you should remember the following. Due to the geographic distance between you and your offshore software development vendor, a significant time zone distinction can influence the development workflow. You may also come up with serious cultural and language barriers, but all these problems are not hard to resolve while adequately handled, and we’ll discuss them a bit later. An offshore development center is an office corporations and businesses open in order to scale their development capacity or range of services. Traditionally, offshore development centers are located in countries with large talent pools, suitable cost to quality ratios, and favorable business conditions. Stefanini, according to BBC World, is the world’s fifth most internationalized software outsourcing company and one of the 100 largest IT companies globally with 25,000 employees.

offshore outsourcing software development company

Odoo allows the rapid sharing of standardized information throughout each business department. Creating real-time snapshots of data from each department, no matter the location. By focusing on every aspect of the business operation companies can expect improved productivity, increase in efficiencies, decrease in costs and streamlined processes.

Offshore Custom Software Development

Founded in 1982, Softtek is one of the biggest outsourcing companies in Latin America and the world with headquarters in Monterrey, Mexico. The company helps businesses from Global 2000 undergo digital transformation, providing their services in more than 20 locations and 30 offices distributed worldwide. Partnering with an offshore development company completely eliminate the costs of hiring in-house staff while providing the same or better benefits. Miscommunication is one of the biggest risks that one faces in outsourcing their software development project to another company. Regardless of how many tools you use for communication, if you do not define a proper channel and a flow of communication, then there are bound to be mishaps. Intellias helped a global leader in location based services develop a cloud data platform powered by real-time HD maps for autonomous driving.

It is similar to outsourcing, but outsourcing to countries with different time zones is what is called offshore outsourcing. Companies outsource/delegate a lot of their technical work to other parts of the world due to availability of skilled labor force, lower cost of labor, technological expertise, quick turn around time and so on. ‘More outputs with lesser inputs’ is the driving force for a lot of businesses to delegate their work to offshore Software Development companies in other parts of the world. During the work with offshore outsourcing software development company, it is possible not only delegate some functions and even responsibility that is fixed by the contract. VironIT is a custom software development company with 15 years of experience. Our company is also a member of High Tech Park, which allows IT entities to take advantage of lower costs and less stringent regulations inside the country.

Diverse Technology Skills, All Under One Roof

We hope it’s become clear from the previous section that offshore product development is not that scary, especially in the case of developers from Ukraine, Belarus, Poland, and Romania. Now, to make sure you have a clear understanding of this approach towards development, let’s take a look at the list its main advantages that product owners benefit from. Maintaining and testing existing products, while undertaking new application development for a global travel portal.

offshore outsourcing software development company

To attain better offshore software development engagement, the recruiter team must know every member of the offshore development team. That will develop a strong partnership with the offshore software developers. Hence, the offshore web development team must be cooperative and communicative. Opting it out would be an unwise step that can prevent you from reaching greater heights. But offshore software development services can act as a savior in this case.

TatvaSoft’s offshore software services of application maintenance and support offer full support to businesses to enhance their process, update technology, and improve performance. You will definitely not think about social packages and a lot of legal things if you hire from an offshore company. Then, you’re also flexible with letting people go if you find out they’re not good enough for your project, or if the workload is done. You can avoid risks by choosing an offshore development company that has a good reputation, a high-quality project management system, and a time-tested development process. Also, it is extremely important to quality guarantees in advance and save the outsourced development cost. Confianz Global® provides the very best in offshore app development services.

Communication Is The Key To Success

Considering the pace at which the IT services market is growing, offshoring software development has become a standard business move for companies from across industries. New agile and DevOps development models called for a tighter relation between the client and the offshoring provider, making major long-distance offshoring destinations unfit for the job. Nearshoring, offshoring to a very nearby country, has gained increasing popularity among the CIO and CTO community. The USA is increasing its IT shopping in Latin American countries, and Europe in Poland and other small Eastern European countries such as Lithuania. North Korea appeared on the map of IT offshoring destinations, having great engineering resources and an excellent price/quality ratio. In the context of the global economy and the constant development of technologies, neglecting outsourcing software development…

  • Data security is a top concern for CIOs and stakeholders that hire offshore teams.
  • You must track the progress of the project and ensure that the agencies meet your deadlines.
  • Software Development is a team Sport…You need a Real Team to Win.
  • With our software development center in Pune, India, you get access to world-class talent at a cost several orders of magnitude lower than software outsourcing in North America.
  • It is necessary for face-to-face communication between clients, technical teams, and other stakeholders.
  • Tackling a complex project requires a lot of know-how and technical expertise.
  • This arrangement is not limited to business plans produced exclusively for digital products or source codes or other analytical information that cannot be revealed to the media.

Can become our partner, and only vetted developers get to our talent pool. Outsourcing and offshoring concepts are often used interchangeably. Offshoring involves partial relocation of a business to a distant country. The business can also be transferred to a nearby country – this is called nearshoring. We use flexible development models always to prioritize actions according to our clients requirements. In this case, the time to market and costs would be reduced, and you’ll be able to outperform your domain competitors.

This can be used for a variety of tasks that range from basic coding to the development of custom software, web, and mobile applications, as well as software support and maintenance. Outsourcing your software development with a blended approach of both on-site and offshore developers is called hybrid outsourcing. This type of outsourcing model provides you with flexibility as well as control over your business. A hybrid approach is actually a very optimized model that comes with the benefits of different types of outsourcing models. Outsourcing software development to a remote or offshore team can be very rewarding and bring cost-reduction to your business.

Software Development & Engineering Services

Even if your project wasn’t all that defined at the beginning, these directions will build the concrete foundation upon which offshore developers can work and bring valuable results to the table. In an increasingly tech-driven world, cybersecurity is more important than ever. Make sure the IT company of your choice has up-to-date security protocols for keeping all data and software products safe. An outsourcing company takes weight off your shoulders while ensuring quality. With development taken care of, you can focus your company’s time and resources on your core business. Onshore outsourcing occurs when a client decides to hire software developers in their own country or region.

In this case, nearshore outsourcing companies have a benefit over offshore firms. Reaching out to a development team located closer to home will help facilitate project handovers, due to similar time zones. By transferring your workload to offshore companies or freelance professionals, you can redirect your attention toward the core competencies of your business. While the offshore company is effectively taking care of the entire development process, you will have much more time to concentrate on the marketing and design aspect of the project. Moreover, you can focus on other business-related activities and work on innovative ideas. The best part is that you do not need to waste your time and resources on hiring and training fresh employees.

Dedicated Team

After analyzing both we will help you to determine the number of offshore developers you will require to get the best software developed on time. Experienced perspective – An offshore software company provides a different perspective to handle each project. Experienced offshore software developers provide market-based insights which add more value to any project.

Hence, an offshore development firm is a beneficial choice compared to a nearshore firm. Outsourcing to a country where there is an unknown language and cultural barrier that doesn’t allow businesses to have faith in the offshore partner. When you want to develop an app using a specific technology, you might need to install the technology stack required for that in all the systems and this is an additional development cost. The QA will determine that developed projects match the final output. There is a general standard of evaluation that makes businesses manage the project effectively through various variations and testing methodology. When it comes to offshore outsourcing, the reality of current times was predicted by many thought leaders in the past.

• You sign a strict NDA (non-disclosure agreement) to ensure security and IP protection. Parents Monitoring App is an application where parents can keep track of the smartphone activities done by their teens. They can view the screenshots captured by the application for the activities done on the phone. Users can fetch the SMS details & view the audio recording which has been recorded by the application.

Your company and your offshore team will work in different time zones and may come from different cultures. This will inevitably affect the productivity of both sides and might extend the deadline. Existek is one of the rare providers that can transform a pure idea that started on a napkin into a custom software that meets all needs. Their reach technical and business expertise allowed them to come up with suggestions that added significant value to the final results. The project was completed on the tight schedule and without exceeding the budget. I would definitely recommend Existek as a reliable adviser and executor for all your software initiatives.

Each CoE unites engineers, designers, and managers specializing in a particular technology, approach, or programming language. The Argentinean software development market has grown to become very cost-competitive over the last decade. With a dynamic workforce of over 110,000 IT professionals that are mostly senior and semi senior, abroad companies can find plenty of opportunities to amplify their tech activities. Quality assurance process starts with the commencement of the project, not at the code freeze date.

Document Automation Software Development In Open Source

As for the tasks for the team working using the offshore development model, they can be diverse – from creating the user interface design to building an app from scratch. In the latter case, the product owner turns to a development company having just an idea. As part of our strategic talent services, we ensure that the top-notch people we deploy to your projects are trained in soft skills. This includes communication in English, as well as the use of collaboration and project management tools.

offshore outsourcing software development company

This majorly occurs due to inexperience or inefficiency to cater to the outsourced company’s business needs. So, let us concede and come up with some essential tips that will be helpful for businesses to manage offshore development teams. The term Offshoring initially started in the late ’90s and for many of them, this concept was ambiguous. Previously, businesses chose to outsource in order to reduce operating costs, drive innovation, get the benefits of a lower cost of investment, and higher profitability ratios. Primarily it was only a cost-effective agenda of offshore outsourcing. To select a right offshore outsourcing partner business must take an objective look into the offshore outsourcing partner and their offerings and align it to the projects to be outsourced.

Before working with ISHIR, we had worked with offshore teams with various levels of success. ISHIR’s team was dedicated to make this relationship work and make this initial engagement a success. ISHIR team was more responsive and helpful than the previous offshore team we engaged with. The team was experienced and knowledgeable about many things in Microsoft technologies.

Offshore Outsourcing: Lets Get Started With Software Development

While enterprise companies can foot the bill for custom software development, SMEs often feel the pinch. In this case, the latter should turn to offshore software development services to get the job done for a fraction of the price. Offshore software outsourcing also allows businesses to reach top engineers on the way to success while sticking to their software development budget.

Intro CRM stands for Customer Relationship Management, which in the business context usually means a specific kind of software… The unprovoked and ruthless war that Russia supported by Belarus is waging against Ukraine… General knowledge of English in the country/state/region or among specialists in the specific field.

Proper documentation speeds up any process and makes everything much more transparent. Based on your needs, your offshore team will help you choose the best solution to achieve your goals on-time and cost-efficiently. Every project requires a different technology stack and different engineers with expertise in a wide array of fields. Check different service models and technologies to get a feel of how they could fit in your project.

Maximize engagement by recognizing the offshore team’s input and success and hold them accountable for problems. When you are offshoring, you inevitably share ideas, innovations, and sensitive information with a third-party, and the risk of data theft is always present. Step into a new land of opportunities and unearth the benefits of digital transformation. Countries like Malaysia and Vietnam also offer Offshore Development services at very economical rates. An experienced team will give you a better product with clean and smooth codes.

In Ukraine, there are approximately 100,000 IT specialists with over 60% in outsourcing, and the figures are expected to double by 2020. It is leading in the number of C++ and Unity3D software engineers. Others are highly skilled in JavaScript, Scala, Magento, PHP, Node.js, Ruby, ASP.NET, Python and Front-End development. We follow Agile methodology, Scrum and Kanban, offshore outsourcing software development company which allow our dedicated team to deliver exceptional apps on time. The key cost components of software development offshoring are infrastructure cost, service cost, and maintenance cost. Build a library of frequently your in-house team or other outsourcing providers you may hire in the future to quickly develop new software to time, costs, and efforts.


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